Revival Tabernacle Ministries

From the Pastor's Corner.

June 2015
'God Will Make A Way Out Of No Way'  Judges 7 KJV
Speaking as a former military person, I must say that it requires a lot of discipline to come together, train, and function as an effective team of winners. Much time is spent in weeding out undesirables, and those who were unable to meet the teams needs. The training was rigorous and the rules were strict and to the point.

Gideon had a nice army.  Men who were willing to fight, but were fearful and would rather be at home.  22,000 were sent home.  Many out of the 10.000 that were left, were not too keen on attention.  God sent 9,700 of them home.  There were only 300 that were left to go to war.  God delivered the children of Israel with only 300 men.

This tells us that God can use a few to do a lot.  Don't despair over the smallness of our number.  God is going to use you to accomplish great things.  You are a soldier in the army of the Lord, and “no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper.”

Be Blessed Saints of God!

Suffragan Bishop Ronnie A. Hill, Pastor